About Eden Fortae

The story of Eden Fortae does not begin with a little girl, composition notebooks full of stories and book ideas, but a young woman inspired by a group of women in The Sims™ community after the loss of her grandfather.

     Using images from the PC game as a medium, she composed stories that originated from her dreams. Her stories of romance and drama often included tough subjects such as sexual assault and racism. In 2012, under a name directly linked to her grandfather, she replaced the gaming images with descriptive words and details, while stepping into the supernatural genre for the first time.

     After joining the Radish Fiction app in 2016 and gaining a large following on Wattpad, she changed her pen name to honor her son and began to pursue writing as a career.

  On the other side of the screen, Eden is a mother of one who spends most of her free time baking cakes, obsessing over make up, reading, and acting as Dr. Phil's replacement.

     She resides in the city of Baltimore, surrounded by a great support system