He came out of nowhere, then he was everywhere. Creating encounters so intense that they left her wanting. Had her doing things she wouldn’t normally consider and without regret.

Mourning the death of her mother and battling resentment toward her estranged father, the last thing Kya Rich needs is to add a man to the mix. But tall, dark, and ruthless career criminal, Antonio Cortes, isn't going to let her slip away. Doesn’t care about her law enforcing father nor how much of a threat either of them poses to his empire and his freedom. As long as he sates his desire for the one piece of forbidden fruit that could end him for good.

RELEASE DATE: Nov 17, 2018

PRICE: $0.99



Infamy is the state of being well known for some bad quality or deed.

Few knew Antonio Cortes to be cold-hearted, and ruthless, while the daughter of his nemesis knew him only as a lover. So deeply and secretly rooted in the dark lifestyle of a Kingpin, it came as no surprise that the world he ruled would destroy the beauty attempting to bloom within it. The best thing he could do was the hardest thing he’d ever done. Having made the necessary choice, it was just a matter of time before his rare rose, Kya Rich, caught the eye of another. And on that day, Antonio would prove to the few that the he was everything they thought him to be.

RELEASE DATE: Dec 17, 2018

PRICE: $2.99