Trashed & Treasured Q&As

Q: I love Trashed & Treasured! Will you ever update it on Wattpad?
A: No.

Q: Why did you remove Trashed & Treasured from Wattpad?
A: Long story short, I outgrew the site. I left it up for years and the messages about the second book became too overwhelming. I realized in leaving it there, I was giving people false hope.

Q: I was reading Trashed & Treasured on your site and then it was gone. What happened?
A: I moved it to Radish Ficiton.

Q: Why did you remove Trashed & Treasured from your website?
A: When I announced that I would be reuploading it, I asked people to understand that I would be doing so slowly as to “polish” it and still work on the books at the top of my list. Every free moment I had, I reread it, changed some things, and posted what I could get to. For some, that wasn’t enough and I would received four and five messages about posting more and once again, I became overwhelmed. I thought about it long and hard and decided what was best for me was to put the book up without a quick edit and just wash my hands of it.

Q: Is it free on Radish?
A: Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, chapters are released for free. Those that want to read the entire book without waiting, can unlock it with coins.

Q: Why isn’t it completely free right now?
A: A few people thought I should drop everything and give them the book now. So, to get it “now” it’ll cost.

Q: Are you posting Rare Treasure?"
A: I have no intention of posting it at this time. As stataed, I waant to focus on the books that are priority to me. But maybe one day in the future.

I’m sure I’ve forgotten some as they were asked via three different platforms. Feel free to ask and I will trying to answer asap.